Let’s just say you’d better be on your bike this SATURDAY, November 10th!  TWO GREAT RIDES are double-booking the day, so you’ll have to decide whether to join the 10th Annual Philly Tweed Ride, which meets 11 am at the Waterworks behind the Art Museum on Saturday. tweed


OR help get food out there to our fellow Philadelphians in need with CRANKSGIVING: 


Cranksgiving helps a great cause, and has a less strict (as in no) dress code. The Tweed Ride requires a sartorial effort, but is an awesome trip into a fantastic, imaginary cycling past of dandies and quantrelles on two wheels.

We couldn’t decide either, so we pitched some swag to each of these events.  Flip a coin, ask your friends what they’re doing, check your closets…

It’s your call. 

AND FINALLY, remember that TROPHY BIKES is now on a FALL HOURS FOOTING: Which just means we are OPEN 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. weekdays and 10-4 sat + sun. Our cheerful mechanics are ALWAYS ON DUTY, at Trophy Bikes 712 N. 2nd St. , PHL.