Bob Burdalski

Bob is possibly our only staffer to have ridden a double century; he’s certainly the only one to have shaken Fidel Castro’s hand (as a sprout with the Philadelphia Boy’s Choir).

Bob is on his second Surly Cross-Check—he sold the first one after riding it from NYC to LA, via Canada and Mexico. “I hated LA and needed plane fare back home,” confesses Bob, who has a degree in film and enjoys rando riding, bike touring, and camping. The other machines in Bob’s fine stable include:

  • Independent Fabrication Crown Jewel equipped with Campagnolo gruppo
  • Salsa Casseroll with Schmidt SON28 and Busch & Muller LuxusU dynamo lighting
  • Surly Karate Monkey
  • Fuji Classic Track
  • Scott Addict that he and Aaron Ritz repaired.

Bob is currently pursuing a second degree in Engineering, but while we still have him, he is a major force behind our special orders and bike stocking systems.