Michael ‘McGet’ McGettigan (Director & Owner)

Trophy Bikes’ owner. His checkered past includes stints as a reporter, piano tuner, and musician during Philadelphia’s paleopunkthic era. McGet’s favorite bikes include a Surly Cross Check with Sturmey-Archer 3-spd hub, a Brompton folder, and a 1947 Rudge roadster. While McGet is Effective Cycling and Fit Kit certified, he is skeptical about the utility of these methods.


Originally from Long Island, with stops along the way in Delaware, Costa Rica and Prague,

Zach R handles our front-of-house bike sales and check-ins, as well as wrenching in our repair shop. His favorite bike is a heavily-modded ’80s Bianchi Grizzly, and as a trained biologist, ZR’s favorite flyer is the gray catbird (Dumetella carolinensis); “They are good mimics,” Zach explains. Until very recently, we did not know that Zach has more than 100 bird calls digitally filed in his HP mobile phone.

I woke up like this.

Jess Fox (Sales & Service)

Jess is a Neighborhood Bike Works vet, and her first real bike was an IRO Heidi with 650c wheels, which she currently owns and rides most frequently. She has an impressive collection of tiny bikes; her current project is a pink and purple Specialized Hard Rock