Michael ‘McGet’ McGettigan (Director & Owner)

Trophy Bikes’ owner. His checkered past includes stints as a reporter, piano tuner, and musician during Philadelphia’s paleopunkthic era. McGet’s favorite bikes include a Surly Cross Check with Sturmey-Archer 3-spd hub, a Brompton folder, and a 1947 Rudge roadster. While McGet is Effective Cycling and Fit Kit certified, he is skeptical about the utility of these methods.

Bob Burdalski

Bob Burdalski (Buyer)

Bob is possibly our only staffer to have ridden a double century; he’s certainly the only one to have shaken Fidel Castro’s hand (as a sprout with the Philadelphia Boy’s Choir). Bob is a major force behind our special orders and bike stocking systems.


I woke up like this.

Jess Fox (Sales & Service)

Jess is a Neighborhood Bike Works vet, and her first real bike was an IRO Heidi with 650c wheels, which she currently owns and rides most frequently. She has an impressive collection of tiny bikes; her current project is a handmade, watermelon colored J. P. Weigle Terry-style bike (24” front, 700c rear wheel). She’s been hurdling this snowy winter with a bright pink Surly 1×1.

Nick Manta

Nick Manta (Sales & Service)

Nick Manta can be see riding around Philly on a “hospital foam green” Surly Cross-Check. He’s the 17th or 18th Trophy staffer to own one of these versatile machines; his is a single speed, tastefully outfitted with a Velo Orange front rack and cruiser bars scraped from staffer Mitch.