Tool School is our popular, hands-on bike repair course. This full-day workshop shows you everything you need to tune-up and maintain a modern derailer bicycle.  We provide all the tools, clean rags and coffee for the day. Includes a break for lunch and is usually on a Saturday or Sunday.  Just $99 includes instructor fee, the Park BIG BLUE BOOK OF BIKE REPAIR, and a coupon good for 15% off on a tool order. (many Tool School grads use their coupon to get a Park home mechanic work stand–makes it way easier to fix your bike!) .

DON'T WEAR WHITE to the Park TOOL SCHOOL--it's a hands-on class!
DON’T WEAR WHITE to the Park TOOL SCHOOL–it’s a hands-on class!

TOOL SCHOOL classes are small and held about once a month. We announce them on our blog and our email list (just email with ADD ME in the subject line to join)

… PRO TIP: Register in person and pickup the Big Blue Book of Bike Repair so you can skim it before the class and be more prepared. Call, email or stop in to find out more about Tool School!