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This is the design that started the Fatbike Fenom!  Clearance for huge tires, access to low gears to harness that massive traction. The wide base makes for a brand new kind of off-road biking—where balance and traction can overcome all sorts of terrain. Instead of shocks, the massive air volume soaks up hits.

The Pugsley opens up your cycling calendar to all 12 months of the year. It loves snow, sand, rough surfaces and gravel—even cobblestones!

NOW IN STOCK—ALL SIZES at Trophy Bikes. Come in for a test roll.

Cross Check


The most versatile road bike set up on Earth.  Out of the box, it’s nominally a “cyclocross bike”. But it is made of lightweight, long-lasting steel, with all the eyelets and fittings to take fenders and racks. Use it as a light tourer, a super-commuter, an adventure bike, you name it. Horizontal dropouts let you fit a single-speed, fixed or internally geared hub.  After a year, your Cross Check will be as personal as a fingerprint.  We should know—Trophy Bikes staff, past and present have owned more than 19 Cross Checks and counting!

Long Haul Trucker


A touring bike is the most durable form of a road bike. Surly’s Long Haul Trucker is ready to take you around the world, across the state or through your town.  A strong steel frame with a long wheelbase keeps panniers away from your heels and makes for a stable handling machine, even when fully loaded on rough roads. With a super-dependable component kit, it is no wonder the LHT has become the industry leading touring rig.

WHEEL SIZES — The LHT is available in sizes 42cm through 64cm to fit a huge range of rider heights with either 26″ or 700c wheels and disc or cantilever brakes. Frames up to 54cm are only available with 26″ wheels. Above that, you can choose either 26” or 700c road size wheels.

Why 26”? The smaller wheels are slightly stronger with increased frame clearance for wider tires. When the bicycle is fitted with fenders, there is no toe overlap with the front fender on smaller frames. Additional pros come when your bike tour starts far from home. The smaller wheels make it easier to box the bike for shipping and in some parts of the world 26” tires and wheels are more readily available.

Why 700c wheels? On larger frames, 700c wheels look more “right” or proper.  And there is no issue with toe overlap with fenders installed. If you ride a 56 cm frame or bigger and you’re not sure, come in and let’s discuss. Both sizes have their virtues.

We will help you decide which model is best for you.  All you have to do is choose your adventure!