Best (& Worst!) Sellers

The best way to know what Trophy Bikes is all about is by looking at what area cyclists are buying from us. Our most popular bikes: Brompton folders, Surly (Cross Check, Trucker, Straggler) Jamis (Coda Sport, Coda Comp), Breezer (Doppler Pro).

Then there’s our Worst Sellers List–bikes that we only sell a few of each year, but are really great at what they do.  We stock them because they are special, and because they might be just what you need.

Best Sellers: In No Precise Order

Know Your Brompton

Brompton Folder

Ten years ago, we became the second Brompton dealer in the United States. Now there are about 50 shops selling these British-made machines all over the country. We’ve sold about 500 B’s since we started, despite their premium price. The reason is simple: Bromptons are sturdy, fold faster and easier than any other folder–and above all, they ride great.


Surly Cross Check

A “cyclocross” bike that most people will never race ‘cross with.  A lightweight and sturdy steel frame. Solid componentry. Clearance for big tires and nice steady handling. All the eyelets and fittings to mount racks, fenders, accessories. And–horizontal rear wheel dropouts–so you can convert it to a fixie or a single-speed or put an internally-geared hub on it.

We sell a LOT of Cross Checks because they are so versatile. And we buy a lot of them, too; Trophy staffers have purchased 18 or 19 Cross Checks so far. Not one is set up the same.


Jamis Coda

A steel frame, flat-bar hybrid bike that’s got a lot in common with the Cross Check, except a more upright riding position–and careful component choices keep it less than half the price. A value-priced durable choice for city commuters that can stretch its legs on long rides.


Surly Disc Trucker

We were surprised–only a little–to see the disc version of Surly’s classic touring bike outsell the traditional cantilever-braked Long Haul Trucker. But it seems fans of loaded touring bikes liked the additional stopping power.


Long Haul Trucker

We still sell a lot of these, not just for touring, but as great fast commuter bikes. If you want a fast, stable, really durable road bike that can carry a lot, and go nicely on gravel, consider the LHT.


Breezer Downtown and Uptown

This is simply a European-style town bike, ready to roll with rack and fenders. A student commuter favorite, whether with 8-speed derailer or 3 or 8-speed internal hubs.

Worst Sellers That We Love

Big Dummy

Surly Big Dummy

We’ve only sold a few of these “longtail” cargo bikes; they’re expensive, and take up a lot of room in a Philly rowhouse! But our customers who buy them love them because they can carry two kids, or carpenters’ tools, or multiple canvases, or a complete picnic setup, or the shopping for a family of four. The Big Dummy is also fun to ride when it’s empty and can tackle trails.



Pashley Sovereign Roadster

Over $1,000 for what is very much like a Raleigh 3-speed city bike? Well, as classic Raleighs get harder to find, and for those who want a brand new, dependable machine, the Sovereign makes perfect sense. It does a few things better than the original–like stop in the rain.



Surly Pugsley

No one knew they needed a “fat bike” until Surly invented one.  The Pugsley, with its massive, 4” wide tires, looks like almost too much — but the ability to soak up rough surfaces is fun not just off road, but on many Philly streets as well. Our prediction is that fat bikes will move beyond adventure mountain biking to become rough, all-weather commute and gravel bikes. We have a feeling that the Pugsley will soon move off our worst-seller list.

FUN FACT: Trophy sold something called the Burrobike–an early attempt at a fatback way back in 2003.