Greg Biche

Greg Biché attended the Penna. Academy of the Fine Arts before moving on to Penn where he is now working toward his BFA. In between painting, riding, and studying, Greg can be found here at Trophy, where we rely on him for lots of important jobs, including but not limited to:

  •  assembling, fitting, selling, and repairing bikes
  • reaching stuff that’s high up
  • test-riding bikes taller than 60cm
  • building the occasional wheel
  • getting stoked about riding mountain bikes
  • extolling the virtues of wide tires, full fenders, front racks, bar-end shifters, platform pedals, steel frames, wool clothes, and riding fixed-gear off-road
  • complaining about sharing his opinions on carbon fiber, 23mm tires, electronic shifting, stationary trainers, Strava and other “innovations” foisted on us by the racing-obsessed bike industry. Don’t even get him started on “27.5” …